So, you're interested in making a contribution to this project? Bravo!

The Fiat Page is by no means a single author's work, and the original concept was to have it be a scratch-pad and repository for technical information, tips, and some enjoyable chatter regading the marque.
In short, your information/ideas could make a real difference to a lot of fellow Enthusiasts, and we welcome anything you have to give. (we give credit too!)

For general ideas regarding the Page, or improvements thereof, you should post to the Forum. It's our most dynamic resource, and lots of folks (including myself) read it.

If you have material in electronic form, it's best to email it to, and our staff of Enthusiasts (me) will integrate your submission into the Page. Some of these submissions have turned into new Articles/sections of the Page, so if you have a cool idea, drop me a note!

Images, or large files can be sent to our FTP site anytime. Instructions on how to upload are here.

For those of us without the means to make documents electronic, there is a snail-mail address. If your material needs to be returned, please make sure you specify that in your note, and be certain to include a valid return address with your submission. I will absorb return mailing costs, so send 'em to:

Eli Caul
c/o The Fiat Page
417 South E Street
Santa Rosa, California, USA, 95404
Thanks for your readership, and your desire to help make this resource more content-rich!

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