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... And a word regarding Statisic generation

Long ago, I chose an intelligent Web traffic monitor over a simple counter, for the simple reason that they are more accurate.
Counters simply increment each time the Main Page is loaded, and products like Statbot actually analyze the logs and pick out Unique, versus Repeat Traffic.
Each category actually tells us something, and is much more informative than a simple meaningless number, no matter how high that number is.

For this reason, I've broken our traffic into two seperate categories:

  • The Main Document stats, which logs all accesses to the Main Page or Sub-sections thereof.
  • The Forum stats, which log all Forum traffic.

The Forum is the majority of our traffic, and that's easily understandable due to it's dynamic nature.
Watching the numbers is interesting to me, and hopefully a few readers will get a kick out of all this work!

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