Smog Information

Smog- (smog, smog), n. a mixture of fog and smoke. [sm(oke) + (f)og]- smoggy, adj.

This page is in response to the many requests I've had for smog information, be it basic terms, system information, or law changes. I will do my best to collate information, supplement it with my own knowledge, and refer queries to the proper sources where possible, but:

I am not a trained smog mechanic, nor do I claim to be a source of legal advice regarding your car and the DMV. My information here is carefully cultivated, but it may be outdated, or just plain bad due to human error. If you have a serious problem with your car and the Smog program, you need to contact local authorities (In California, contact B.A.R.) to get your issues resolved.

Now, with that aside, I'll get to work- Please forgive any gaps in the Page, as you are viewing an ongoing project. Contact me if you have a specific question, or area of interest. I'll mail you back, even if I can't find the answer to your problem.

Eli Caul,

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