Mirafiori Mailing Lists

We host a number of mailing lists for different purposes, and anyone is invited to join!
We use the Mailman list server, which is fairly simple to use.

Subscription Management is easy, and fast. Simply click on the name of the list you wish to subscribe to, and follow the instructions. You will recieve a confirmation message shortly after you subscribe (for verification), and offered further information if you want to customize your subscription.

List Information/Subscription Pages
(Click to visit the specific List Page)

Mira Info

Mirafiori.com was concieved in 1994 by Eli Caul, and I am the sole Primary administrator of this resource. I will never use your name or subscription information for any purpose other than this website, and the lists/resources you wish to be a member of.

If you have any problems or questions, please send mail to postmaster@mirafiori.com and we'll help you!!

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